Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon

The past few days, I’ve been busy playing Game Dev Tycoon, which was mainly because of this excellent stunt they pulled to do with piracy (read the post, it’s worth it).

Anyway, I’ve been pleasantly surprised: I haven’t bought a game in ages, so I thought it was high time I got into something. And Game Dev Tycoon is compelling stuff. It’s harder than it looks to create a game that does well (although browsing the Wiki will help). But I think they’ve managed to create a game where – in my case at least –  I just want to do just one more game before I finish… which is a job well done!

I think my favourite thing about it is that it takes you back to the 80s, when the Commodore 64 ruled the roost. Although I’m too young to remember the Commodore 64 the first time round (one or two of my friends had them, but they were getting old by then), I did get a NES in the early 90s [although, checking Wikipedia, they were pretty old by then too…]. My best friend had a Mega Drive, and then another friend got a PlayStation, then PlayStation 2… and then after that I discovered Half Life, Counter Strike, Unreal Tournament and pretty much played everything on the PC.

So, I like playing Game Dev Tycoon for the nostalgia as much as anything. It’s kind of strange to be developing games for a format which you grew up with, even though they’re named something different to avoid copyright infringement!

Anyway, I’d recommend Game Dev Tycoon if you’re looking for something to get stuck into for a while, especially if you grew up enjoying video games…


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