Bank Holiday Weekend the second1 min read

The second May bank holiday weekend was as busy as the first one! On Saturday we went to Ian and Lucy’s wedding. The service was held at St Botolph’s Church in Colchester – it made a really nice change to have a wedding within walking distance! Afterwards, the reception was held at Kersey Mill – where I used to work, strangely enough! Anyway, it all went really well and was much enjoyed by everybody there. The weather was absolutely beautiful! I did my 20 minute DJ set in the evening while the band were on a break, and that seemed to go down well. There will be some photos available on my Flickr account later.

On Sunday we went to church in the morning, and then afterwards headed over to my parents’. My sister, niece and nephews were staying so we went over to see them. We stayed for lunch and the afternoon. It was good to see them all again!

On bank holiday Monday, we went round to Anne-Marie’s for her birthday party. It started mid-afternoon and then went on into the evening (we left at about 9:30). It was a really fun afternoon / evening – it was a fancy dress party, there will be photos up on Flickr hopefully this evening… Phil came as the star from the film “Stardust”, and I came as a generic U.N.I.T. soldier.

Right, I think that’s pretty much everything for now. We have two more weddings to go to in the next week (one on Friday and one on Saturday), so next weekend is shaping up to be pretty busy as well! No weddings to go to in June, though, and only one in July, so hopefully things will calm down a bit after that…

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