Bank Holiday II: The Sequel

This bank holiday was rather pleasant! We did have a bit of rain on Monday, but apart from that the weather was beautiful. Anyway, what did we get up to?

Well. On Friday we helped out at 21. I did the talk, which seemed to go pretty well (although it’s quite difficult to gauge these things sometimes). These was some good discussion afterwards, anyway. On Saturday, Phil headed into London to meet up with one of her friends so I spent the day doing a bit of shopping and generally chilling out. In the afternoon I went over to Wivenhoe for Matthew and Ellie’s leaving BBQ. It was a really good afternoon, although it was quite sad as they are moving to the west country – so we won’t be able to see them much from now on 🙁

On Sunday we went to church in the morning, then came back for lunch, then didn’t do much in the afternoon, then went to Sunday@6! So a usual Sunday for us.

On Bank Holiday Monday, Laura (one of the apprentices from church) came round and we watched lots of random comedy things – namely, all of “Look Around You” series 1, “Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra” and a few other things.

After all that we wandered over to the university and showed Laura the paternoster lift in the library. Bizarrely, it broke down while we were on it! It’s the only time that’s ever happened to me or Phil, strange that it should happen on Laura’s first time. Unlucky! Still, we managed to get out with the help of a few strong rugby playing types.

Anyway, that was a really nice day 🙂 In the evening we just stayed in and watched a DVD, rounded off a nice relaxing weekend for us. So there you have it!

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