Bank Holiday Weekend1 min read

This weekend was a good one, not just because it was slightly longer than usual! On Friday night we went to 21 to help out as per usual. Then on Saturday morning, we headed out to Flatford to meet up with Alex, Elisa, Dan and Alison.

We had a picnic in a nearby field, and then hired out a couple of boats and had an hour rowing on the river. You can see some photos of that on my Flickr account.

Afterwards we wandered over to Dedham and had a cream tea at the tea rooms there (can’t remember what they were called, just down the street from the Sun Inn). Tip: if you go there for a cream tea, one between two is enough unless you are exceptionally hungry: the scones are HUGE!

Anyway. That was a rather pleasant way to spend the afternoon 🙂 On Sunday, we went to church in the morning, and then in the afternoon headed out to Snape Maltings to hear the University of Essex Choir performing Verdi’s Requiem.

It was beautiful! Although I’d heard it on CD beforehand, it was nothing compared to the live performance. The choir was bolstered by some of the Royal Choral Society, and delivered a tremendous performance – particularly the famous ‘Dies Irae, Dies Illa’.

On Monday afternoon we walked the Wivenhoe Trail over to Anne-Marie’s, where we spent the afternoon watching “Takin’ Over the Asylum”. It was the first series that David Tennant did (his big break), and it was very good! Well written and directed. It was a bit like a Scottish version of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” – except that it wasn’t depressing. Quite moving actually. And very funny in places!

So there you go, that was our bank holiday weekend. Back at work today, ah well – at least it’s only a four day week!

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