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When I got back home this evening, I found a couple of pieces of junk mail on the mat.

One was from Virgin Media, sending through their usual two-weekly advert for broadband. Seriously, does anyone know how one can get removed from their spammy junk mail? Virgin Media, if you’re reading: IF I DIDN’T WANT YOUR FRIGGIN’ BROADBAND THE FIRST TIME I GOT YOUR JUNK MAIL, I CERTAINLY DON’T WANT IT THE HUNDREDTH. It’s just a waste of paper – all that happens is it goes straight into the recycling. I don’t mind one bit of advertising occasionally – it might be useful. But to get a letter every couple of weeks advertising the same product is just bizarre and unnecessary.

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I’ll try and contact them about it, although chances are it will just get lost somewhere in the corporation.

The second piece of junk mail we received was one we’ve received a couple of times before: “This number has drawn one of the gifts donated by local business”. There’s a reference number on there, a telephone number (01242 695001) and a “With Compliments” slip from a company apparently called “Survey UK” (address: Matters Consulting Ltd t/a Survey UK, Victoria House, 1 Gloucester Road, Cheltenham, GL51 8LN). I include this information so that people who are Googling for the information can find it 🙂

Anyway. My scam detector went to about 95% when I read it, but after Googling I’ve found some confirmation. Just check this forum post for more info.

So, just to make that absolutely clear: Survey UK (and ‘Matters Consulting Ltd’) are basically scammers and should be avoided!

There was one thing I found amusing though. The company name – “Survey UK” is plastered in big letters across one slip of paper. However, on the other slip, it says “You will not be asked to do any surveys.” Hmmmmmm.

7 thoughts on “Junk Mail

  1. Well, good for you!

    To be honest I was contemplating getting Virgin Media broadband but I don’t need a friggin’ reminder every two weeks.

    Whether or not it’s a good product is irrelevant, the fact is that much paper being used is unnecessary and wasteful.

  2. It’s another clever way of scam. I received the same one by post and when I rang them they asked for my name which I was not happy to give and i asked if they could tell me what is all about?
    They said that they can’t before me giving them the name which I refused.


  3. Like many other people, I have also been inundated with Virgin Media junk mail addressed to The Occupier, which I posted back to them with “NOT REQUIRED” on the envelope. After a period, I got fed up and rang their Halifax office, on two occasions, and asked them, politely, to remove my address from their mailing lists, which surprisingly they agreed to do – however the junk kept coming every couple of weeks! I therefore wrote a strongly worded letter to their Communications Director but all to no avail, so I suspect that Virgin Media top management have instructed their staff to ignore any pleas from the public and to carry on sending out the junk mail.

  4. I too am fed up to the back teeth of all this sh*t!
    I live in a house that was three flats seem to get 6 pieces of mail every week!

    I called them today, well that was interesting to say the least… Thought about jumping out of the window at one point… Again and again they asked for my name… I said you don’t need it as you haven’t had it in the first place… In the end I caved and said “The occupier”!

    He hung up!

    So staying with my existing provider!

    I now have a bin bag full of these White envelopes… I feel I should recycle but on this occasion.. They’re going in the postbox with return to sender on every single one. Got a lads night in soon just for the job!

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