Going home overnight…

Just to let you know that I’m going home overnight so chances are I probably won’t get around to updating before tomorrow afternoon!

This morning I didn’t do much. Went into town, bought a couple of DVDs and a couple of small audio bits. Nothing much really! Last night I spent watching some Blackadder and packing, as well as just chatting to people on MSN. It’s amazing how much junk you manage to accumulate! I’ve got loads of paperwork which just seems to have multiplied since I moved in.

I’m quite glad that I’m not staying in this place next year as well — at least with moving your stuff you can strip it down to the minimum when you move into the next place! I’m going round now to see Matthew, as he’s going home this afternoon for the summer. Then I’m going to drive back to Ipswich, stay the night there and come back here by train tomorrow. We’ve having a Crossring meeting tomorrow, there’s going to be a site revamp over the summer (hopefully) and it’s looking good for the site!

Right. I’m off now, be back soon…


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