The Slogan, the Slogan, oooooh I love the Slogan

There’s been a bit of a craze sweeping the blogosphere (sic) lately. If you haven’t heard of it, you obviously are far less bored than I am and don’t bother browsing around the internet looking at forums where people with far more time on their hands than I have talk about absolutely meaningless junk whilst simultaneously like to think that what they’re talking about is deep and meaningful and gives their empty, hollow lives meaning somehow. *ahem* sorry – that’s a rant for another time!

Anyway. It’s called Sloganizer, and it gives you an image with a ‘slogan’ in it (if you type your name in) that you can use on internet forums, blogs etc.

Here’s mine:

generated by

It changes every 30 seconds. It currently says, “3… 2… 1… Phill” (I quite like that one). Before that, it said “Phill is better than chocolate” (in terms of health, that may well be true – just about). Just refreshed again, and now it says “Feel good with Phill” (alliterative… nice). Anyway. I just thought you should all know about it, because it’s my right to clog up the internet with useless junk as much as it is anyone else’s.

Thankyou, and goodnight.

(It’s actually made me feel like working on some random junk for my website. I’m not really sure yet, but we’ll see… muahahahahahaha! Or something.)


6 responses to “The Slogan, the Slogan, oooooh I love the Slogan”

  1. That’s all very well, but you’re going to increase your bandwidth useage with this Slogan from people refreshing their browser every 30 seconds to find out what other messages are hidden there. I’ve already refreshed your site three or four times so far, and the novelty still hasn’t worn off. A bit like the quotes you’ve got in the top right of your site, except that I know all of those already. Are the phrases automatically generated by the Sloganizer? I have to admit, though, despite its obvious thrill and charm, I doubt I’ll be getting one for myself…

  2. It currently says, “I’d sleep with Phill” which has confused me considerably. Is that YOU’D sleep with Phill? I sort of assumed you’d do that on a fairly regular basis – probably difficult not to! Or is it I’D sleep with Phill? If so, some mistake, surely?!? I mean, I like you, but…

  3. The Slogan image isn’t hosted on my site, so it’s not using any of my bandwidth. It comes from the Sloganizer website! I just link to them.

    The phrases are automatically generated by Sloganizer… and don’t worry Simon, I don’t think you have to obey everything the slogan says!

  4. And the current slogan says “Phill never lies”, so you can be sure I’m telling the truth ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Yeah thats pretty cool Phill……..where ever did you find it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Cheeky git ๐Ÿ˜‰ Actually it’s not just DJ Source, it’s a few other forums including the student’s union one for my old university. They’re everywhere… to quote Spaced, “They’re not in the jungle… they are the jungle!”

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