Christmas Break

The Christmas break has been pretty good so far! I am currently writing this from Phil’s parents’ house. We came down here after the carol service at Fordham on Christmas Eve. We had a pretty safe journey – it was well above freezing (well, above freezing anyway) so there was no ice to worry about. (The ice and snow has all gone now, don’t know what it’s like in Colchester but here it’s all clear).

Anyway. Quick overview of the time so far: Christmas Eve – we both took the day off, so we went over to Ipswich to exchange presents with my parents. In the evening we went to the “Carols by candlelight” service at Fordham, which was absolutely packed as per usual!

Christmas Day – spent the time with Phil’s parents and sister, went to church in the morning, and just relaxed for the rest of the day.

On Boxing day morning we went for a walk nearby with some more of Phil’s family. In the afternoon some family friends came round and we played silly games / had a sing song round the piano etc. The usual kind of stuff!

Yesterday we didn’t do very much, but in the evening we went round to Julie and Dave’s and had a nice evening there. Which included watching Top Gear – I really enjoyed the special! I think the Top Gear specials are my favourites. Can’t believe the most unreliable car in the world… turned out to be the most reliable. (Who saw that one coming?!)

Anyway, this afternoon we are going to see “War Horse” in London, I don’t know much about it but hopefully it will be good. The write-up looks good anyway.

Well, that’s all for now! We’re back in Colchester tomorrow, and then we’re off to see my family on Wednesday. That’s all from me for now. Hope all my loyal blog readers are having a good week!

And I wish you a very happy New Year.

(Don’t forget, if you’re around in Colchester and don’t have any plans – our place for a new year party type thing. Let me know if you can make it :))

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