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Mammoth update: there are no mammoths now. They are extinct. Check back next millennium for further updates.

*ahem* I was tempted to leave the blog post like that, but thought I’d better continue. I just realised I haven’t posted at all about what we did at Christmas / New Year / first week of 2011 etc, so here’s a quick precis.

Christmas Eve: Finished work at lunchtime, went to carols by candlelight service at Fordham, then went straight over to my parents for our first Christmas at their new house. We stayed there until Tuesday.

Wednesday: in the morning dropped the car off at the dealership. (That’s not quite true, it had to be taken in by truck, but still). Phil went off to her parents’ by train, I waited around to see if the car would be fixed and we could take our own car. Unfortunately it wasn’t, so I drove AJ’s car down to Phil’s parents and met up with them there. We stayed with Phil’s parents until Friday, from there we went on to Alex’s for a New Year Party which I’ve already blogged about.

On Saturday we caught up a bit with the kinds of things you need to catch up with after you’ve been away for a week. In the afternoon we went round to Anne-Marie and Sarah’s and stayed there all evening, watching episodes of Cranford. It was really nice to see them as we hadn’t seen them for the whole of December!

On Sunday we went to church in the morning, then dropped AJ’s car back off at their house and walked back home across the fields! It was a really nice walk actually – there are a few photos on my Flickr. Unfortunately only cameraphone pictures, like a chump I forgot my proper camera (doh!) In the evening Anne-Marie and Sarah came round and we watched Scott Pilgrim vs The World (which we bought on Blu-Ray a few days previously). Great film.

Monday was a bank holiday, which we spent with my sister Julie and her family in London. (My other sister Alison was also there). On Tuesday we had the day off, which felt really weird! – it’s quite strange to be off work still when everyone else is going back to work. Still. We did a bit of shopping and went for a nice walk round Abbey Fields in Colchester.

On Wednesday Phil went back to work, but I took the day off – partly because the car wasn’t fixed yet, but also partly because I wanted to work on my application form for the diocese (more on that some other time). It was another strange day, being at home on my own with everyone else back at work! Still, c’est la vie. In the evening I went out for a walk and ended up stopping by Sarah’s and having a quick chat with her.

Thursday and Friday were pretty standard – although I did manage to pick up our car on Friday morning so that was good news! Despite it costing an arm and a leg to repair, oh well. On Friday we had the first 21 of the new term, and that seemed to go pretty well. Saturday we were doing more general stuff. In the evening AJ came round and we made a curry and played ‘Risk’ (his wife was out so we didn’t want him to be stuck in by himself!) It was a really nice evening anyway.

Then on Sunday we went to church in the morning, then after lunch popped round to Anne-Marie and Sarah’s for a bit (and mainly talked about Sherlock, I think…) and then we went out to Sunday@6 in the evening.

So there you have it! That’s a really quick overview of the past couple of weeks. Apologies for the length of the post, any typos are due to me trying to type quickly at lunchtime…

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