Haydn’s Creation

This weekend was a pretty standard weekend – did a talk on the Good Samaritan at 21 on Friday, did some shopping on Saturday, church on Sunday etc.

The main thing different was that we went to St Botolph’s to see Haydn’s Creation. It was great – the orchestra, choir and soloists all performed well! And I really enjoyed the music, even though it was my first time hearing it. Haydn was quite old when he wrote it and I think that shows in terms of benefitting from experience and maturity. Some of the English translation was funny though! My favourite: “Multiply, ye finny tribes” – talking about fish!

Anyway. The other thing is of course – it’s December! Not long to go until Christmas. I’m really looking forward to the break, it feels like it’s been ages since our holiday in September.

Next week I am speaking at Eight Ash Green on Ephesians 6:18-20. It will be a bit nerve-wracking – the first time I will have done a talk at Fordham designed for adults! But hopefully it will go well.


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