The Weekend

So… what did I get up to this weekend? Well. On Friday evening, I didn’t do much at all really. Basically just had the evening in! On Saturday afternoon I went into town with Philippa and did a bit of shopping. Then we had dinner together, and went to Asda in the evening (oh the exciting life we lead!). I bought a copy of “Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit”. I’d actually looked for a copy in town and decided to wait for it to come down in price, but the DVD was cheaper at Asda than it was at Virgin so I made an impulse buy!

I went to Fordham yesterday morning as per, and then home for lunch. In the afternoon I watched W&G — it was definitely just as funny on a second viewing! I’d actually forgotten just how good it is, but it is a fantastic film. And then in the evening, I went round to Matthew, Anne-Marie and Esther’s house for pancackes. You can see some photos of that on various other blogs, including Matthew’s.

One more thing to mention – Zeth has returned from his hiatus, and has been updating Commandline Warriors as if it’s going out of fashion. He’s written quite a few articles, including one about Apple DRM which linked to this article: “iTunes, One Billion Suckers Served.” It raises a few interesting points although (as you’ll see if you read through the comments) isn’t 100% accurate. Worth a read though!


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