Getting fed up with Ephesians…1 min read

… when I say that, I don’t mean that I have any problem with the content of Ephesians. It’s just getting to the stage where I want the exam to be over already! Maybe then I could get my evenings back. Still. We haven’t been up to much over the past few days – the usual really.

Last Friday was the last 21 of this term, as there’s a youth event called ‘JOY’ this Saturday, and then after that it’s Good Friday. After Easter we have the week off work (take four days off, get two thrown in for free! – bargain).

Anyway. On Saturday, Phil’s parents came up in order for us to put up some trellis. We went to the garden centre in the morning to buy it, and then came back home – only to find that we couldn’t put it up! The reason was, the posts supporting the back fence are far too unstable. I think we need to get the back fence replaced, unfortunately, so we had to shelve the trellis idea. Still we did manage to have a productive day – we put in a couple of new plants in the garden, and bought a new standard lamp.

On Sunday, apart from church in the morning, we spent most of the day revising! We did go out to the park with Jo and Evie and have an ice cream, and then fed the ducks! It was a lovely day, would have been a shame to waste it by staying inside for most of it.

So that’s pretty much the weekend. The only other thing I have to report is that I have arranged a meeting with the DDO (or, to be more specific, the assistant DDO) for 13th April. So my application is moving on slowly! Exciting stuff, even if my going into ministry is still (a) to be decided; (b) even if it is, a long way off!

That’s all from me for now anyway. I’ll probably just be revising the rest of this week, it will be so good to have the exam all out of the way on Saturday!

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