Cooling down

Cooling down – something I’ve felt like I needed to do a fair bit of the past few days! It’s got warm – and not just warm, but muggy. (Well, it was warm at least, before all the rain we’ve had the past couple of days…)

It was half-term last week, so no 21 for us on Friday night! So we had a night off, and watched some Life on Mars (the Blu-Ray versions of which arrived that day).

Then on Saturday we did a bit of shopping in the morning, and after lunch went down to Colchester Arts Centre for the beer festival. It was an absolutely beautiful afternoon – the perfect day to be sitting outside with a nice glass of ale! After a while Alex joined us, and then a bit later on Tom, Cliff, Dan and Alison came down as well. It was nice to see everyone again – apart from Alex we hadn’t really seen many people in a while so we spent some time catching up!

After that we caught the bus down to Wivenhoe to watch Doctor Who with Anne-Marie and Sarah. I must admit, I quite liked the episode: it was a bit different, kind of quirky, but actually quite moving. It bore all the hallmarks of Richard Curtis! – but not in a bad way. An entertaining 45 minutes worth of entertainment, even if it’s not an instant classic.

So. On Sunday we went to church in the morning, and afterwards met up with Sarah and Anne-Marie to go to this year’s Oyster Fair in Castle Park. I have no idea why it’s called an Oyster Fair – it’s basically a medieval fair with lots of people selling, um, medieval things. Or at least, you know, bows and arrows, leather products, hog roasts, that sort of thing. It was a good afternoon anyway, we spent a few hours there just wandering around!

After that we went out to Sunday@6, and then came back home and watched some more Life on Mars. All in all, not a bad weekend really!

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