Social Butterflies1 min read

Well I feel like a bit of a social butterfly after the weekend we’ve just had!

On Friday night we enjoyed not having 21 by inviting Anne-Marie and Sarah round for dinner and general watching of things (The IT Crowd, I Claudius…). Then on Saturday we headed down to Kent for Alex’s housewarming / birthday BBQ. Despite the M25 being about the worst I’ve ever seen it (it took about 1.5 hours to do the ten miles between the A12 and the Dartford Crossing) we got there in the end and had a really good time. It was nice to see a few friends again who I haven’t seen in a while too. The time we had was all too short but fortunately the drive back was quick and uneventful!

We had to drive back that evening because on Sunday morning we were out to see Makaila Pepper-Bradbeer’s christening. It was a lovely service, Makaila even smiled during the christening! – and I think everyone enjoyed it. Afterwards there was a bring and share lunch, so we stayed for that too.

That concludes a rather rapid round-up of what’s been going on! To be honest it’s a bit too hot to go into more detail… it was apparently 32 degrees on my way back from work today (according to the car at least!) – it seems to have cooled down a bit now but that’s still pretty warm. Hopefully it will cool down a bit tomorrow. That’s pretty much all for now!

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