No decorating this weekend!

This weekend, we went down to see Phil’s parents. Phil went down during the day on Friday (she took the day off work), and I drove down on Friday evening. On Saturday we had a fairly relaxed day. There were a few little bits and pieces we needed to do in town, but it was actually a nice change of pace to just take it slowly for a while! In the afternoon we went out to a little nature reserve in Knockholt, which was very enjoyable despite the cold weather. In the evening we went out to the pub to meet up with some of Phil’s friends.

On Sunday we went to St Nicholas’ in the morning, and then back home again for a huge roast dinner! – we have very few roast dinners these days, so it was a real treat for us. After lunch we headed off again and met up with another one of Phil’s friends at the pub for an hour or so, and then began the drive back home.

It was not a nice night to be driving, it was very wet and drizzly! The M25 was pretty horrible – the Dartford Crossing was really busy and slow! It took a bit longer than usual to get home, still — at least we got home in time for Top Gear!

Anyway, that’s all for the time being…


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  1. What did you think of top gear last night? I thought the best part was a the car v jet. I remember hearing that the RAF got upset that the whole of flying technology was represented by James’ flying washing machine and so said they would race them to settle it.

    Was brilliant. That car parking gadget was a bit rubbish though

  2. Car vs Jet was pretty cool – though don’t knock off the car parking gadget! Firstly they didnt seem to have read the manual at all so a couple of bad attemps were expected and there did seem to be a fair few instructions that go with it. Also having seen some of the stuff that goes on behind Driverless cars that was very very impressive! Theres alot of complicated factors that the car has to take into account just driving forward let alone parking, have having parked into a space like that it is really not that easy! It may not have worked brilliantly but they whole system got hte car to the point where it was a simple tidy up job rather than a arkward reverse manoever. So yeah Rant is trying to say it may not have a looked as impressive as it actually was and they really should’ve read the manual before attempting to pull it off properly!


  3. Also – on the subject of the car parking gadget – they did try and get it into a very small space, so I don’t think it was a particularly fair trial! I reckon it would have handled a bigger space much better by the way things were going.

    Car v Jet was cool, I’m glad that the RAF still have a sense of humour as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Yeah I suppose, still was a bit disappointed. What crazy thing do you think there gonna do next???

  5. I don’t think your gonna be disappointed on the silly stakes… ๐Ÿ˜‰


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