St Botolph’s Priory1 min read

Today’s photo comes from what is, I believe, one of the overlooked treasures of Colchester: St Botolph’s Priory. It’s an 11th Century Benedictine priory (the remaining walls are apparently 12th century). I honestly can’t believe people just walk past it without giving it a second glance! The building, despite being a ruin, still has a kind of presence which is difficult to define.

I think it is a beautiful place to take photos. Unfortunately I only had my phone camera with me today, but I’m definitely going to return there and take more photos at some point. (Probably several points, if I’m honest!) Particularly if I do end up getting a better camera, I think you could take some brilliant photos there.

Anyway, I think this is just about my favourite of the photos I took today. There’s something about the shadows and light on the grass. And actually I think the phone camera does kind of lend it a slightly surreal, magical quality which fits with the priory somehow. Unfortunately the pillar on the right hand side did get in the way a little, I was going to crop the photo down but that didn’t really work!

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