This way, and a new clutch1 min read

My photo today was – again – taken at lunchtime. There are a few little paths near where I work, this is one of them.

You can’t see it in the preview, but on the post there’s a little direction arrow indicating the walk. I like this because it’s absolutely pointless – you can only walk in one direction there! I wasn’t massively happy with any of the photos I took today to be honest, but I think that’s the purpose of this exercise!

I will also mention the car. I might have said something last week about the clutch needing to be replaced. Anyway, it went into the garage today and the clutch is now replaced. It feels a heck of a lot lighter and smoother now – I can see why it needed replacing!

Also… I feel pretty stupid admitting this, but I’ll say anyway because it might actually be useful to someone. When I took the car in for a service last week, I asked them to look into a potential problem: it seemed that the engine was revving when it shouldn’t be, i.e. when I put my foot down it would rev up and then drop back down again. I initially thought this was due to the engine – maybe the turbo was kicking in too early or something like that!

It turns out that it was the clutch slipping. I didn’t really know what that meant when they told me at the garage, but I Googled the symptoms the other night and it turns out that the engine revving up is one of the symptoms. The clutch was also getting pretty heavy – when I drove someone else’s VW Beetle earlier this year and then went back to the Saab, it felt like I had to put a lot of effort in to depress the clutch!

So having the clutch replaced fixed the imaginary issue with the engine. Just thought I’d say in case someone else is having issues with the engine revving when it shouldn’t… it might be the clutch slipping!

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