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First up, I apologize for any spelling or grammar errors in this post: I’m writing from my phone, first time I’ve properly used the WordPress app I think.

Anyway, first things first: quick summary of the weekend:

Friday night – 21

Saturday – dropped Phil off at the station (she was going to Preston to see our friend Jo), mowed lawn, did some shopping, hair cut etc. Got lots done. In the evening AM and Sarah came round and I made spag bol – not my best ever but not bad.

Sunday – church in the morn, then not much in the afternoon, turn popped round to AM and Sarah’s for a bit in the evening.

Right. Now to talk about what’s happening over the next couple of days: I am on a train to Ely. I’m going on what is called a Bishop’s Advisory Panel. From this afternoon until Wed afternoon I will be observed, interviewed, and have to complete a number of physical and mental challenges. In order to prevent nuclear war with China. (some of that may not be true under the traditional definition of true.)

They are going to decide whether they want to sponsor me for training for ministry in the Church of England. So, by around April 1st I will hopefully know whether I’m going to theological college next year…

Apologies for the brevity of this, but we are getting close to the station (not Ely, just ipswich where I’m changing…)

So hopefully that fills you in a bit about what’s going on. I’ll post more soon!

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