The Weekend

Ah, the customary ‘The Weekend’ post… so, what did I get up to this weekend? Let me try and remember… on Friday, I went to stay with my parents overnight. On Saturday I came back to Colchester in the afternoon, then in the evening I went round to Sarah and Jon’s (or at least, the place they are house-sitting) for a BBQ. It was a really enjoyable evening, nice to see them again as well as Simon, and meet a friend of theirs called Jason.

Yesterday I went to Fordham in the morning – the first time I’ve been there in ages! But I did enjoy it, I think I might well start going there more often. In the afternoon I didn’t really do much, I watched a film called “I Spy” in the evening with Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy. It wasn’t that great but it did have some good moments 🙂

And that’s all… Philippa is in Austria for the week (if I was Matthew I’d make some cute remark about how I’m going to miss her so much and how she’s so wonderful, but as I’m not, I won’t 😉


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