The Weekend

I’m just trying to get to Google’s #1 weekend for “The Weekend”! Nah, not really.

On Friday I went up to Colchester and me, Philippa, Phil P and Phil B went to ‘Cheesy Tunes’. It was good, apart from the DJ who was on from about 10-11 didn’t get off the mic! I was pretty tired so didn’t stay very late.

On Saturday I had a fairly quiet day. In the afternoon I went into town and paid the deposit on the new flat (more on that in a moment). On Sunday me and Philippa went to the chaplaincy, and then we had a Tesco’s lunch with Phil B. In the afternoon we did the show on RED AM 1404, and then we went round to Alex’s for the evening.

Right, the news about the flat… I’m picking up the key this evening 🙂 I’m really excited – and a tad frustrated: I’d really like to move in now, but I need to get all the furniture etc first and I can’t do that for a while. Just got to be patient. Still, if anyone wants to pop in when I’ve moved, let me know!


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