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It’s getting a bit late so a quick summary of the past few days:

  • Friday night: helped out at 21.
  • Saturday: did a bit of shopping in the morning (bought a new lens cleaner and filter for my camera). Then we met up with Simon and Claire for lunch, it was great to see them again! Came back home, did a bit of cleaning, then went round to see Sarah for the evening. We made pizza (well, to be honest, Sarah did most of the making) and watched “Keeping Mum”, I think I’ve seen it once before but had forgotten how funny it was! So in general it was a really good day.
  • Sunday: church in the morning, back for lunch, out to Sunday@6, back home again to watch “Up in the Air”. The film was good but I kept thinking that I’ve seen it before. Apart from the ending, it seemed like a bit of a cliche really… I could basically predict what was going to happen. And you know when I can do that, it’s bad 🙁 That said, it was well written and entertaining. Worth watching, but I wouldn’t go out of your way!

An honourable mention has to go to “Twenty Twelve” which was on this evening: it has an all-star cast, and is very funny. It really reminded me of People Like Us. So, that’s all for now…

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