Busy busy busy…1 min read

It looks like June is going to be a busy month for us: we’re sorting out the forms for where we’re going to live next year, we’re sorting out our house for next year (mortgage and so on), we’re sorting out finance forms for next year, and on top of that I have two or three talks to prepare! Fun fun fun!

So, given all that, I’m going to do a very quick update about the past few days: Friday night – 21. Saturday: shopping in the morning, then in the evening AM and Sarah came round and we watched Doctor Who (much better episode this week, by the way). Then we had some delicious birthday cake, made by Sarah’s own fair hand. (Or hands.)

Sunday – church. Then Phil went down to our friend Laura’s hen party. I went to church in the evening, and then came back and chilled out with some TV. On Monday I went over to see my parents, mainly to help my Mum set up a new laptop. In the evening Phil was back, and we watched “The Other Guys” together – not the best film I’ve ever seen, but still.

Right, that’s pretty much it from me. Despite the busyness I do have some thoughts on jokeless comedies I want to share at some point… I will write about that soon!

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