Busy busy busy!

We’ve been incredibly busy the past few days, and it’s not set to slacken off for a while. On Friday night we helped out at 21. I was leading and AJ did the talk. It seemed to go pretty well, although I wasn’t sure whether any of the kids were listening in our discussion group. C’est la vie, I think the best you can do with youth work is hope and pray that something goes in despite everything!

On Saturday Phil was out most of the day visiting her sister in Reading, so I did the weekly shop in the morning and then spent most of the afternoon preparing for the Moore Course next week. In the evening, we went out to a home group meal to celebrate our home group leader getting married, so that was rather nice.

On Sunday we went to church in the morning, and then Phil’s parents came round for lunch so that was rather nice. In the evening I went out to a music practice for the youth service at Fordham next week! So that’s our weekend in a nutshell.

I may not be posting up so much over the next couple of weeks though, here are some edited highlights of what’s coming up for me:

  • Pub quiz tonight with work colleagues
  • Music practice tomorrow night for youth service
  • Doing a talk at 21 this Friday on “The Church”
  • Going down to London on Saturday to visit my sister (she has an operation on Friday to remove a cancerous growth)
  • Youth service on Sunday!
  • Confirmation preparation class a week today (I will be getting confirmed on 14th December – more on that some other time!)
  • Church re-ordering committee meeting next Tuesday
  • Moore Course meeting next Wednesday
  • Home group on Thursday evenings

Some of those things are optional and, in fact, I think I may duck out of a few. But I still don’t quite understand how I managed to end up so darned busy? As I’ve said before (in this very post) – “C’est la vie!”


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