21 Weekend Away1 min read

As I think I mentioned previously, this weekend we were away at the 21 weekend away. This was at the Asheldham Centre, which was a really good location. It’s an old converted church, and it’s got plenty of character! And fairly well equipped too.

I won’t go through all that we did at the weekend. Suffice it to say that it was very hard work, but I think everyone enjoyed themselves! My session on the Sunday morning was on the topic of “Totally Transformed… Mission”, and that seemed to go down relatively well. There were only two teaching sessions like that, the one on Saturday was about relationships.

Anyway. We were both pretty glad to be heading off after lunch on Sunday! – but then we had to go straight to Ipswich to my Dad’s leaving do. Well, retirement do. It seems a bit strange that after having been a church minister for nearly 20 years, he is retiring just at the start of my theological training. It was quite an emotional day actually, but still very enjoyable. And there were lots of cakes to go round!

Right, I think that’s all from me. It’s about 30 degrees here today so I don’t think I could manage much else. Ciao for now!

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