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I’ve been lax with updating once again! But just for the record, here’s a brief precis of the past few days: Friday – 21 in the evening. I was doing the talk, and to be honest it didn’t go well. The kids were being very loud and generally noisy the whole time, this was one of the few times I’ve really had to raise my voice. It’s just because all the year sixes have come up, which does affect the maturity of the group. Sadly, at that kind of age the maturity between the oldest and the youngest members is very visible. Afterwards we popped round to AJ and Jen’s for a quick drink.

Anyway. On Saturday we had a fairly quiet day doing various things that needed to be done i.e. shopping, mowing the lawn etc. We did have a nice lunch at Tim and Katie’s though – they are friends from church and had a few members of our home group round for lunch. When we got back from that we did some gardening, and then realised it was so late we just about had time for dinner and not much else! But that was a nice day.

On Sunday we had church in the morning, and then went to the Shoulder of Mutton (Aldham) for lunch with AJ and Jen. We all had the carvery except for Phil who had the fish and chips – all very nice! Afterwards we headed straight back to the church for a baptism service. Four members of the youth group were being baptised, all of them members (or former members) of 21, the group we help out with. It was lovely to see! I was playing piano, and it struck me after the service that it was probably the biggest number of people I’ve ever led / played for (there were apparently over 100 people there). But that all seemed to go well. After that we headed back home and watched “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, which is a very good (Swedish) thriller. I was pleasantly surprised actually – although it was an 18 rating the film wasn’t gory, it was more intelligent and thought-provoking than I had imagined.

So that pretty much sums up our weekend really. The only other thing to mention is that things have stalled a little bit with our move next year – in terms of waiting to hear back from people. Hopefully that will pick up again soon but it’s a bit worrying. Still, c’est la vie. I’m sure God will help us get it all sorted soon! The other thing is, we are semi-officially looking for a car. I say “semi-officially” because by that I mean, we’re not devoting lots of effort to it but if one was to come our way we might go for it. I think we need something which is a bit more efficient and less costly to run next year (the Saab is a lovely car but is a bit expensively, sadly).

Right, that’s all for now.

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