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This week is my last week at work before going to college next year (and by ‘next year’ I really mean, in a few weeks.) Scary!

Anyway. A quick update on what we’ve been doing the past few days: on Friday, due to there being no youth club, we didn’t really do very much. Stayed home and watched ‘The Ghost’, which was a really good film. I didn’t really like the end, but it was quite thought-provoking and very clever.

On Saturday we didn’t do a huge amount – just bits of shopping and so on. Took advantages of the beautiful weather and did some work in the garden, which was rather nice! Then in the evening we watched The Blues Brothers, which I just fancied watching … don’t know why, I just felt like it!

We went to church on Sunday morning, and then came back home for lunch. In the afternoon I popped out to meet with Aella about the talk I’m doing at church next Sunday morning (my first “all age” talk… eek!) and then came back home for some tea. We watched Top Gear and… well, that’s pretty much it to be honest. Not a very exciting weekend, but a nice relaxing one after having had a fair bit to do recently!

Last night, Jen came round for dinner as AJ is away, so it was really nice to see her for a while 🙂

In other news, my New Word Alive 2011 CD has arrived. I’ve had fun reliving some of the musical moments of the week, particularly ‘Jesus I My Cross have Taken’, and a couple of others which I’d forgotten about. Good stuff.

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