One more weekend to survive…

It’s turned out that June has been a busy month! On Friday night we had the youth group quiz night, which turned out to be incredibly popular. The idea was to get some of the parents of our youth group members involved, so we had a quiz night with all invited. It was incredibly popular (about 11 tables of participants) and in general a great success, so I think we will be doing another one sometime in the not too distant future! (Distant enough for us to be at college by that time but still.)

Anyway. On Saturday we spent the day doing various bits and pieces including going shopping and mowing the lawn (while dodging rain showers). I also picked up our new car, which is exciting! – although I will write more about the new car in a separate post so I won’t say any more now.

In the evening we headed round to Tim and Katie’s for our second meal there in the space of a week! AJ and Jen came too, and the six of us had a really good evening together.

On Sunday we went to church in the morning, and then came back for lunch. Then just chilled in the afternoon, and went to Sunday@6, then came back again and did some ironing! OK, so this weekend wasn’t massively busy, but next weekend will be: it’s the 21 weekend away! We’re going to deepest, darkest Essex for the weekend, and I’m slightly dreading it. I’ve booked the Monday off afterwards to recover, but even so it’s not a prospect which I relish. Still, I’m sure it will be good fun when we get there!

Phil and I have been watching through “The Office” again, for the first time in a few years. One thing I’ve noticed this time round which I don’t think really struck me so much at the time was just how bleak and depressing they make it: the people who work there really do seem to have very little in their lives, and to be a pretty joyless bunch. I think I’m also slightly more sympathetic to David Brent: although he does do some pretty terrible things, I think a lot of it is because he’s playing up to the cameras. He has a narcissistic streak which probably wouldn’t come across so much if it wasn’t for the cameras being on him.

Anyway, just random thoughts!


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