Quiet weekend, for a change!2 min read

It’s now that mysterious time of the year known as “summer”, which in England generally means it pours with rain and everyone moans how it’s supposed to be sunny and we all have a jolly good laugh about it. Well… suffice it to say that it isn’t sunny. But it does also mean that 21 is now finished for the summer, as I mentioned last week, and in general we have a bit more free time!

So, on Friday evening we went down to Wivenhoe for dinner at the Bengal Spice. As we hadn’t done anything to celebrate our anniversary three weeks earlier, we thought it might be nice to take the opportunity. So we did, and it was good – a very nice meal, as always at the Bengal Spice – although it has been some time since we last went there. I don’t know how long it’s been, it feels like ages.

Afterwards we came back and watched “Blue Valentine”, which was a good film – well written and directed – although quite sad, and in general I don’t think I’d like to watch it again.

On Saturday we did a bit of shopping in the morning, as it was raining we didn’t do much in the afternoon – I spent the afternoon working on a program which I’ll talk more about in a future blog post. In the evening Anne-Marie and Sarah came round and we had pizza and generally chatted for the evening. It was really nice evening!

On Sunday I went to church in the morning (Phil stayed at home as she was tired from having had so much to do recently – it’s been pretty hectic for her at work). After that I came home for lunch, and then chilled for a bit. In the evening we went to Sunday@6, and then came back and watched Top Gear. It was another good one this week – I think they’ve managed to keep the silliness down slightly to more manageable levels. I did get a bit worried a couple of years ago about the formulaic nature of the show. Although I still feel like the show is somewhat formulaic, I really enjoyed the “cars on rail” segment.

Right, that’s enough for the time being….

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