Nearly there…

It’s been a fairly busy weekend, once again! On Friday, I spent the evening sanding down the radiator in our bedroom (what fun!) to prepare it for painting. On Saturday, I spent most of the day painting the last wall in our bedroom which needed to be painted… it took a long time, but I think the fruits of our labour are paying off! It now looks much better than the mushroomy kind of colour which was in there before. The room feels a bit bigger, certainly a lot fresher.

On Saturday evening we went round to Wivenhoe for Alison’s birthday do. Matthew has already written about it, so there’s no need for me to re-iterate what he said! The only thing to add is, I was “Derek the Decorator” and Phil was “Brenda”… it was slightly unimaginative as I’d been decorating all day, but still!

Yesterday, we went to church in the morning for the family service and then came back home to finish off the decorating. Then we had lunch, didn’t do much for the afternoon, and then went to the Bengal Spice in the evening for dinner! It was delicious, as always. Afterwards we came back and watched Top Gear, it was a really good episode this week 🙂

And… that’s all for the time being!


2 responses to “Nearly there…”

  1. Loved top gear this week and I soooo wanted Oliver, Hammond’s car, to win, and whatever Clarkson says it DID win. It was so sad when Oliver almost died but was extreamly funny when it sank.

    It was just gr8, hopefully that’s on the next best of DVD

  2. Yeah, I liked Hammond’s car as well. I couldn’t believe he managed to get it all the way across with barely any modifications!

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