Need… Caffeine…1 min read

We’re a few weeks into lent, and I’m … just over a week into my caffeine fast. Well, tea and coffee drinking fast. Well, tea and coffee with caffeine in drinking fast. But it doesn’t really sound as good if you say that.

I did this once before, a few years ago (although strangely enough, I can’t find a blog post about it…) so I was prepared for the headaches for the first day or two. After that it’s fine, it just leaves you feeling a bit tired after a while.

I don’t really have much else to say, to be honest, so this is just a blog post in the traditional sense of blog posts on my blog. I just wanted to post up something which wasn’t about secularism or gay marriage (what larks!), but yet still communicated the message that I was actually, you know, alive and everything.

So, I’m alive. *waves*

Here’s a video of a baby monkey riding a pig.

2 thoughts on “Need… Caffeine…1 min read

  1. You don’t tempt me with coffee – I hardly ever drink it 😉 Actually I’m quite enjoying being without tea for a while. Well, except for being tired a lot, but still! Probably less to do with being without tea and more to do with pushing too hard working, but still.

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