It’s 02:39

How’s it going? Well, I had a bit of a lie down between about 1:00 and 2:00… I felt pretty tired, but now I feel wide awake! I think I must be operating on adrenaline or caffeine or something. I went to the drinks and chocolate machines with Philippa and Alex, and after a bottle of Dr. Pepper I feel… caffeinated.

Only another hour and twenty minutes to go before we start! Time is just flying by… this is a rather good night so far 🙂 I’m glad I signed up to do a ridiculous hour of the morning, staying up all night on campus with other people is good fun!

Alex’s Coffee Update
Another coffee, fairtrade — two heaped teaspoonfuls. He’s buzzing like a strobe light. Or something. Give it a while and he’ll be bouncing off the walls. (OHHHHH!!! TWINKIES!!! – Alex)

Philippa wanted to say something in this. So here’s your chance, Phil!… “Hi Phill’s Blog-readers! It’s buzzing on campus tonight, we’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and about to go up to the radio station and play some choons (hmm, am I showing my age?!) after a random walk around campus in the dark, erm, yay! Goodbye!”

Bo! Solero! — Phill


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