Just what is a ‘babygrow’, anyway?2 min read

As I mentioned a few months ago, Mrs Phil and I are expecting a baby at the end of September. Phil has now finished work (scary!) and so this week we have finally got round to actually thinking about the kind of things we will have to get for the baby, as well as sorting out the clothes and assorted bits and pieces we’ve already been given.

I spent a cheerful afternoon at the weekend sorting through a few boxes/bags of baby clothes that we’ve been given. I’m still not entirely sure I understand the terminology – ‘babygrow’, ‘sleepsuit’, ‘onesie’… what the heck are all these things anyway? My vision of a ‘babygrow’ is something like the gro-bags you can buy for plants. Maybe if you put a baby in a babygrow and water it occasionally, it will be just fine?! (Note: I won’t really do that. Please don’t report me to the authorities…)

On Monday morning we went to Kiddicare in Enfield to shop for pushchairs. This was probably one of the more enjoyable aspects of preparing for the baby’s arrival: it involves technology (well, sort of – the pushchairs didn’t generally have flashing lights on them, but they were still fun.) We bought a car seat as well, the kind which attaches to the top of the pushchair if necessary, as well as an ISOFIX connector in the car. All very convenient and more high-tech than anything my parents would have had for me.

We also now have a list of things to get which is impressively long and includes things not normally discussed in polite company such as ‘nipple cream’ and ‘breast pads’. Apparently childbirth is not for the squeamish.

I do feel more generally like I’m beginning to look forward to the birth of our little baby though. I’m beginning to look forward to being a daddy, and meeting our daughter who has been growing steadily for the past seven months or so. It’s really strange to feel Mrs Phil’s tummy and feel the kicks and bumps – strange to think there is a whole other little person growing inside her right now. Childbirth, for all its pains and frustrations and … shopping lists, really is a miracle. Watch this space to see if I still think so in a few months / years 😉

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