Before the Storm…

The last three weekends have been pretty busy for us – we’ve been up in Colchester (or thereabouts) for various reasons! We had a great time seeing friends and family and generally catching up with people.

However, as of yesterday Mrs Phil is 37 weeks pregnant – which means that, if the baby is born any time from now on, it will be considered full term. We have now acquired everything we need for the baby (thanks in large part to the generosity of friends) – just one or two non-essentials we need to get for the hospital bag and we’re all set. It’s a weird feeling to say to people “the next time we see you… we’ll have a baby!”

Add to this the fact that the first term of my final year at Oak Hill starts next week, and you’ll understand that I may not have very much time for blogging in the coming weeks and months!

So this is an advance warning that things may get pretty quiet around here for a while, but for good reasons 🙂 I’ll at least try to post up when the baby is born and occasional progress updates, with maybe something more controversial now and then…


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