Two Parties

I’m getting very slack – it’s now Wednesday and I haven’t updated with a usual weekend style update. Well, if you’re lucky, I might toss in some news of what we’ve been up to mid-week :p

Anyway. Friday night – 21 as usual. Saturday – I spent most of the day preparing for Sunday morning. In the evening Phil went to Chelmsford for Rich’s party, unfortunately I was still preparing so couldn’t go. But I did go to Sarah and Jon’s for a couple of drinks – they are leaving Colchester (sad times), so I thought it would be nice if I could pop round once I’d finished my preparation. It was a really good evening anyway – I caught up with them, and Andy B and Helen. We also played ‘Buzz’ and ‘Singstar’ on the PS2, which was good fun! At the 21 Christmas party this Friday we will be having a Singstar competition, should be good fun.

On Sunday I spoke at church, as I have already mentioned, and then we went round to Dennis and Christine’s for a sort of student lunch. I say “sort of” because they invited a few students along, but also invited us. But it was a nice afternoon anyway – I was very full by the end of it! And then we went to Sunday@6 in the evening.

So there you have it! And the mid-week update, as promised. This is very exciting stuff, as I’m sure you can image: on Monday Phil had a PCC meeting, so I stayed in and started re-watching Torchwood (“Children of Earth”). Then, last night we went out for dinner with Jo, who now lives just round the corner from us. (She has a 6 month old baby so she appreciates having adults to talk to!)

Um… yes. Not much else to say at the moment.

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