This ‘birthday’ business1 min read

It’s apparently my “birthday” today. I got a couple of cards through the post yesterday and actually had no idea what they were until I opened them… suffice it to say I’m not a big birthday celebration type person!

But it seems to be something people like to know, so now you know. Whatever!

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Looking forward to my holiday next week… things have been a bit pressured at work recently, so it’s good to get away from that for a couple of weeks! I’m going to see a couple of the proms, which will be an experience for me – the first time going to the Albert Hall.

Oh, by the way, Fedora Core 4 has been available for a while now – go download it. Get yourself a better operating system (if you’re using Windows). I’m going to migrate from Windows to Linux once I can actually get FC4 burnt to CD without any errors and backup all my files…

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