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If you’re a regular listener to the podcast, you’ll know that over the last few weeks I have been on a mission to become less dependent on Big Tech. I’ve decided that one way of doing that would be to migrate the Sacred Musings podcast away from YouTube and to Substack. I’ve seen a few other people doing podcasts via Substack, and I think it might work.

This is partly because, as I keep saying on the podcast, YouTube are definitely doing something strange with subscribers to Sacred Musings. I suspect I will never get anywhere on YouTube. I also think it’s affecting Understand the Bible – I discovered the other day that if you search for ‘Understand the Bible’, my channel comes waaaaay down. (Below several other channels called ‘Understand the Bible’, all with fewer subscribers).

I will also publish some written pieces on Substack, as I do here. If you’d like an explanation as to why, I’ve written my first Substack, All aboard the substack bandwagon:

I don’t know about you, but whenever I see someone has started up a new Substack I tend to roll my eyes and think “oh great, there’s another one.” Substack has become like a blog in the early 2000s – everyone (and their pets) seem to have one. So, why have I decided to create one?

If you’re a listener to the audio podcast, you shouldn’t need to do anything. If you’re a subscriber on YouTube, please do subscribe to my Substack – I haven’t quite worked all the details out yet, but if you subscribe there you’ll be notified as and when I do update.

Thank you for bearing with me during these changes, I’m trying to work out the best way of moving forward! What I need to do now is find an alternative platform for Understand the Bible, but all in good time…


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