Will the church learn ANYTHING from Mike Pilavachi?

I’ve just published a post to christen my new substack. It’s all about Mike Pilavachi and the lessons the church is (or isn’t) learning.

Two weeks ago, Matt and Beth Redman released a documentary called “Let There Be Light”. It’s all about what happened with Mike Pilavachi – how Mike was able to continue his pattern of coercive, manipulative and abusive behaviour towards young people over many years.

It’s worth watching because it helps to explain the way that abuse works in churches.

At the end of the video, they share some thoughts about what the church needs to do differently in order to help combat abuse. This essentially boils down to, “listen to people, even if they’re not important. Take allegations seriously, consider the possibility that they might be true.”

All of this is absolutely true, to the point of being ‘motherhood-and-apple-pie’. I suspect that no-one on the Soul Survivor team would have disagreed with it at the time allegations against Mike were first raised. No-one seems to question why we actually need to say these things in the first place – this is not rocket science (or whatever the theological equivalent is)!

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