Ok, so it’s all in american time…

I’ve just realised this blog is all in American time. This would be a fairly logical thing really, given that the server does reside in America… unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way of changing it to another timezone. Seeing as I’m not paying anything for it, I can’t really complain (although I am, so making a statement like that is pretty dumb really. Oh well…) Anyway. The time is currently 00:41 17-Feb-2003, just in case you’re really that interested.

I guess one of the things I should post here is just why I’m putting this blog up here… I mean, it’s not like I expect anyone to read it or anything… Well. The main reason is because I just have too much free time: there are far too many times when I could be doing something productive that I just spend doing something which, well, really isn’t productive. Writing a blog probably doesn’t count as “productive”, but at least it’s doing something other than playing Minesweeper and drinking coffee (well, I could write a blog whilst drinking coffee at the same time, but the principle remains the same. I think. Just accept it without questioning… trust me, with me you’ll need to do that a lot.)

So, what did I get up to today? Nothing much really. This morning I went to Church. Mike Neville was speaking about Romans chapter 8; not one of the best sermons I’ve heard him preach but it should be interesting given that the subject was to do with stuff that we might be talking about in Fusion on wednesday.

If you’ve read this far you’ll probably either think I’m one of those weird (religious) types, or just not understand what I’m babbling on about… well, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s getting rather late, but never fear — chances are I will be back tomorrow during a rather boring robotics lab…

Rock on. And Rock Off.

Phill “Moose of Ming” Sacre

(incidentally, check out the Mighty Mullet Moose website 😉


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