The Whole Hot Gossip Thing

Well it turns out that I might not actually be marrying Naomi at all, according to Katie at least. And apparently Simon hasn’t actually asked Katie to marry him yet, he just assumed it. But of course, she’ll be so desperate… (her words, not mine — she’s right next to me at the moment.) She says that she’s actually going to marry her flatmate for the babies.

In other news today, I came in for my 12:00 class which didn’t really happen. In fact, it was completely pointless coming in. I could barely understand a word the guy at the front was saying, not to mention the fact that he was basically going over the same stuff which I already know (from what I could understand of it, at least).

Oh well. Anyway, I’m probably going to stay on campus until CU tonight, because I just can’t be bothered to go home. I have an assignment to hand in but I can’t do it until the office re-opens at 2:00. But of course in practice it probably won’t open until about 2:30 or so because they’re just so lazy… oh well, I guess you can’t help these things.

Oh, and Simon sent me an e-mail informing me that he’d updated his latest news and the news archive again, so have a look. DISCLAIMER: The author is not responsible for the content of external sites such as this one and makes no claims of it being interesting…



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