A bit of a comedown after the depth of the last post? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yep, I’m afraid that although my last post was fairly ‘deep’, this one’s gonna be completely the opposite!

Today I didn’t really do much, which isn’t surprising seing as I seem to begin most of my blogs like that these days. Not to mention “anyway” and “ah well”, another two little phrases or words which I tend to use quite frequently. It’s amazing how much you repeat certain things without realising, isn’t it? I don’t like reading through my own stuff — it makes me realise just how bad my writing style is.

Moving on… (instead of “anyway”), today I came in to uni at about 1:30ish. I came in for the sole purpose of getting my embedded processors coursework finished, and I didn’t actually start work on it until about 2:00-2:30… spent the time in between chatting to Chris and Joe in the chaplaincy. Next year is going to be rather random, what with the League of Randomness growing in numbers! I still can’t believe Sarah and Suzi want to live with me, Mad Welshman Phil and Alex but there you go…

I finished my coursework, have printed it off and will hand it in tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚ After that, I haven’t really done anything other than chat with Joe and Andy C and come down to the computer lab to type a blog. Oh, the excitement!

CU tonight, I don’t know how many people are going to be there given that a lot of people have work to do at the moment.

Coursework Update: I’ve received an e-mail from the general office saying that I got 55% in my first embedded processors assignment. That’s not particularly good… still, at least it’s a grade, and the coursework is only worth 15% of the total mark of the module anyway (this piece of coursework was worth 7.5%…)


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