An Anecdote From Mr Simon Lucas

Those of you with good memories or nothing better to do might well remember that I mentioned something about Simon’s anecdotes recently.

Well, this is it one of them. Prepare yourselves for it…

“I used to know someone called Joe. I went to university with him.”

Isn’t that just the most fantastic anecdote that you’ve ever heard? I will forever attribute that wonderful anecdote to him and use it as often as possible…

Anyway. What did I get up to today? I tried working on my noughts and crosses game but ended up getting confused so I didn’t bother… then I worked on playing Fibris for a while… I’m now 2nd in the “Essex Uni” team, behind Liz! Woo-hoo!!! Anyway. That was very important, of course.

About 6ish, Simon came round and asked if I wanted to go for a meal with a group of people. We eventually got in to town and went to Pizza Express. It was me, Joe, Simon, Liz, Katie, Naomi, Jenny, and PhilB sitting round the table (in that order, going anticlockwise from me…) That was an interesting time — I wish Jenny and Phil would just get a room! I hate being around new couples…

Apart from that it was a good time 🙂

Um, and I came back and updated my blog.

Tomorrow I reckon I’m going to try and work on some stuff for Crossring, I love ASP coding. No really… actually it’s just OK, but there you go… what? I’m rambling? Really? Me? As if! Sheah right…

Exsqueeze me?


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