And so onto this evening

Why is prevaricating so easy? I’ve got plenty of work I could be getting on with, but I’m not. Typical! Still — I did hand in CC252 Assignment Two in today, so I’m happy ๐Ÿ™‚ All 15 pages worth… who says that computer scientists don’t write essays? Ok, so that wasn’t an essay… but 15 pages of computer code is still a fair amount! It was due in on Wednesday but I thought I’d get in before the rush!

I might just get on with some robotics, and then finish until tomorrow. The group project has to be done, but we’re all going to meet up on Wednesday and finish that off! Objective is to get it handed in on Thursday, the day beforehand so we don’t have to have all the panic of handing it in the day it’s due!


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