And the rest of the day

Woo-hoo!!! The group project is all done!!! I’m pretty sure it’s not particularly good, but it’s 52 pages long (the design document) so it can’t be all that bad (working on the principle of a percent per page!)

So yes, that’s going to be printed out and handed in tomorrow. Hopefully! I’ve still got to hand in the individual assessment, each of us has to do one. It was actually quite a hard decision to decide who’s done what exactly, but at the end of the day I think we’ve all done pretty much equal amounts, so I gave everybody a very similar mark 🙂

Fusion this evening was good as well. We were talking about giving to others (one of the main themes of Philippians), very challenging stuff! Still, I’m glad that there are more ways of giving to others than just money!

Last one of this term as well!

Anyway, time for bed methinks. Was up rather early this morning! All for now my fine fuzzy friends…


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