No updates for over 24 hours! Shocking!

Ok… I know that it’s happened before. But anyway. I still count this as Tuesday, although on the date it will appear as Wednesday! Ah well.

Anyway. What did I do today? Went into uni for my 12:00 class. Didn’t really learn much although it was quite fun, based around the line-following algorithm thing that comes with LeJOS.

To continue the theme, I went down to the robotics lab to do my embedded processors assignment… I am proud to say that after spending four hours on it today (and probably about six hours previous to that) I’ve finally got it nailed! I reckon it’s gonna take another hour or two to finish off, or at least, get nearly completed which is very good news!

Anyway. Then I went to SX express for a quick meal, then on to the prayer meeting for Dunamis which is happening this Sunday! Then onto CU.

CU was good, I led the meeting, Clare (Suzi’s sister) spoke and she was good! It was an evangelistic talk. I’ve been thinking about doing one of those recently.. I dunno, it just seems that no-one actually preaches the gospel anymore. I mean, yeah they talk about ‘sin’ but they don’t really talk about what sin actually is, the heart of the cross etc. I guess it’s this book, “The Cross of Christ” which has kind of got into me! Hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

Can’t really imagine me doing a talk, but there you go… it might happen.

Anyway. Then onto Top Bar as per usual, quite a few people were down there, it was good fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway. Don’t have much tomorrow; committee meeting at 3:00, Fusion in the evening (which I’m leading). Probably head in about lunchtime to try and finish off the embedded processors assignment, yay!


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