Ok, let me explain…

The reason why I didn’t update again last night. After I made that last post I finished doing some work (or at least gave up), then went home. Recorded a demo mix which I was fairly happy with (shock horror!) — I’ve just got to redo the last mix which hopefully shouldn’t take too long (or be too hard).

Then it was out to Kev L’s birthday party at the Playhouse. That was a nice meal and good time chatting with people, then we headed onto campus for Cheesy Tunes followed by Spin. This was only the second time I’ve been out to Spin this year, the first time was the first one of the academic year! I’m not really into rnb and hip-hop; although they did play some good older stuff.

Mainly it was me, Kev L and Philippa dancing although Naomi and Katie and Barney (and some of Barney’s friends) were down there for a while and Rob and Kerry were there as well for some of the time. We left about 1:15 and then me and Kev went round to Philippa’s for a hot chocolate before heading home.

I got home at about 3:00 this morning, hence the lack of updates!

Anyway, today I came in to uni to do my radio show at 2:00, followed by the CU mix 3-5:00. It was good fun actually, Rich and Tim (and his son Dan) came in. Was good fun! 🙂

I’m going to an engagement party tonight, Pete and Susie. They’ve been engaged for about a year but due to circumstances they haven’t been able to have the party up until now. Oh well. I’m meant to be bringing a bag of oven chips but I haven’t got any as yet — I think I’ll have to stop off on the way and get some from Spar or something!

Just hope none of them read this… 😉

Will hopefully update later to tell you how it went. (or to tell me, depending on who’s reading this when. You’ve got to look to the future, y’know).


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