The Second day at home, even less happened…

Yep, so. Didn’t do much today. I watched “Zoolander”, which is actually a pretty good film! It’s actually quite funny, which is more than I can say for some of the films which I’ve just decided to watch on impulse… I’m glad I bought it! If you liked “Meet the Parents” you’ll probably like this, it’s got the same guy in it (Ben Stiller) and it’s a similar kind of comedy. Well, probably not at all really, but what the heck.

Apart from that I went for a walk, mixed for a while, read for a bit, played on the computer, coded (and am coding) some stuff for Crossring (figured out the date troubles, reckon it’s going to be up and working by the time my article’s up on Sunday!) and not much else.

I suppose I’d better start revising sometime soon — having said that, there’s no rush; still got a while to go yet! (I’ll keep telling myself that, might work…)


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