Wasn’t a very exciting day, although I did more than I’ve done for most of the past month…

Came back to Colchester about 3:00. Unpacked (which was fun), then had a fiasco with the internet. For some reason Jerry’s linux server has gone down, which means that I’ve had to fiddle around and basically get the internet working through his main computer. Took a while to do (was on the phone to him for quite a while) but eventually it seems to have worked out, hence I’m posting this blog now!

Um, nothing else really exciting happened today. I watched a program about that guy who cheated on Millionaire — I can’t believe how audacious they were! That’s really not on. Just shows what happens when greed takes over…

9:00 lecture tomorrow morning! Fun fun fun! Hence, I shall be going to bed! Ah, operating systems and networks… what fun… NOT!!! Hehe.


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