Exam tomorrow morning!

Technically, the exam’s in the afternoon (12.15), but whatever. Morning to me is before lunch! Anyway. CC254 Introduction to Databases. I have to say, I’m feeling a lot more confident about it having done some revision. I’ve looked over the past papers for the last two years and there are some recurring themes which seem to tie in a lot with the lecture notes… I’ve managed to do some relatively specific revision so hopefully I’ll be OK!

Just a few more things to learn, then I think I’m going to go to bed. I seem to have picked up a cold which really isn’t good. Oh well, hopefully God-willing it will be gone by tomorrow!

I’ve just come back from the DJ Workshop, I went there as a bit of a break to get away from revision. It was good tonight, loads of people there! Well, relatively speaking of course. Ok, I had really better get to learning stuff… I hardly got any sleep last night and I’m rather tired so bed won’t be far away!

That’s all from me for this evening folks!


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