Sitting in a computer lab trying to revise

Oh yes. Revision is fun, at least so I keep telling myself. I came in this morning for a 12:00 lecture. The only reason I bother going to the revision lectures for that particular course is because the lecturer basically reads out the notes in answering past paper questions, which means that I don’t have to…

I went to Horizon at 1:00 in the chaplaincy. That was good. Matthew took it, it was on Galations 5:1-6. There were quite a few people there as well!

Now I’m sitting in csclab4 trying to revise, whilst prevaricating by posting on this blog and various other things. Ah well. Suppose I’d better get back to the past papers…

This evening is theology seminar. Dr Nehmzow is doing it (not sure if that’s how you spell it though) — he teaches one of the robotics courses that I’m doing (Robot Programming). Going tonight could be interesting… I’ve been invited back afterwards to the Wivenhoe House Hotel for dinner. Hopefully I’ll be able to worm some revision tips out of him…


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