I tried to post an update earlier but for some reason it wouldn’t let me. Grrr. Anyway, I haven’t done that much today. Went into town this morning, bought one record (new one by Neo & Farina called ‘Someone’, it also has a re-version of Binary Finary’s 1999).

Then I came back home and did revision. I’m feeling a lot more confident about the exams then I did, it looks like I’m going to at least pass some of them! Woo-hoo!!!

Then it was CU this evening. Committee feedback time, from the away day we had a couple of weeks ago. That was an interesting evening, it looks like stuff is going to be changing next year but perhaps not as much as we thought! Basically the gist was trying to fit too much into too little (i.e. condensing some of the stuff into Fusion / Main Meetings) is assuming that people try and go to too much anyway. If we left it as it was — or like we envision it with perhaps some modifications — but actively encouraged people to do more / less individually as we thought was best for them would be better than, um, whatever it was I was talking about at the beginning of this sentence which has seemed to go on for a long time now.

Oh well. I’m off to Top Bar and then home, good night all! Unless I post later. Which I doubt (although I have got a day off tomorrow, and…)


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